Thursday, June 21, 2012


Hello and welcome. This blog is a labor of like that I've been meaning to start at some point.  Over the years as I've gotten more interested in politics, my interests have gone beyond just polls and what Team Blue has to do to defeat Team Red.  I've gotten much more interested in policy and why that matters. I probably won't get too policy wonk-ish here, but will frequently link to others who are and then attempt to explain why that issue is relevant to the average person.

In general I feel the biggest unfilled demand opportunity in news coverage today is bridging the gap between policy and political news. The long term mission of this blog is to hopefully fill that hope a little bit, in an entertaining way. Ben Franklin famously said, "honesty is the best policy", yet when it comes to actual policy debates, honesty usually results in defeat with the public..I'd like to help change that.

And naturally it's an election year, so I'll be posting about pure politics from time to time as well.

A little about me: I'm a tail-end Gen-X'er. I am a Philadelphian through and through - born here, raised here, living here, and will probably die here.

Politically, I'm left-of-center on most issues, but enjoy a good honest substantive debate. I enjoy reading principled conservatives like David Frum, Bruce Bartlett, George Will, and Reihan Salan almost as much as my favorite progressive writers. I'm tolerant of almost all views as long as they aren't steeped in ignorance or dishonesty

So anyway, I hope you enjoy reading this blog and continue visiting the site. I will be posting much more frequently soon.

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