Thursday, September 6, 2012

Return of the Bubba

For some reason after this POTUS bro-hug......

I thought of this.

To many of us Democrats, 2008 was A New Hope, 2010 was The Empire Strikes Back, and hopefully 2012 will be Return of the Jedi. I guess that makes the 1990's and early to mid-aughts The Clone Wars, the Ewoks are the Occupy movement, and oh, right - focus.

Continuing this analogy, last night Bill Clinton was much like the veteran Jedi master reminding everyone of the battles he had to fight against a similar obstructionist GOP Congress and providing an argument for a path forward.

The theme of the night was the contrast of "We're in this together" vs. "You're on your own." Most of the speakers hammered this point home repeatedly.

This would be an ideal theme song for the campaign:

Ben Lee - "All in This Together"

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